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Related / Similar Words: schoolhouse, schooling, shoal, schooltime, school day, educate, train, cultivate, civilize, civilise


  • a building where young people receive education; "the school was built in 1932"; "he walked to school every morning";
  • the process of being formally educated at a school; "what will you do when you finish school?";
  • a large group of fish; "a school of small glittering fish swam by";
  • a body of creative artists or writers or thinkers linked by a similar style or by similar teachers; "the Venetian school of painting";
  • an educational institution; "the school was founded in 1900";
  • an educational institution''s faculty and students; "the school keeps parents informed"; "the whole school turned out for the game";
  • the period of instruction in a school; the time period when schools is in session; "stay after school"; "he didn''t miss a single day of school"; "when the school day was done we would walk home together";
  • swim in or form a large group of fish; "A cluster of schooling fish was attracted to the bait";
  • educate in or as if in a school; "The children are schooled at great cost to their parents in private institutions";
  • train to be discriminative in taste or judgment; "Cultivate your musical taste"; "Train your tastebuds"; "She is well schooled in poetry";

    Hyponyms: conservatory, conservatoire, day school, Ashcan School, Eight, deconstructivism, historical school, pointillism, art nouveau, lake poets, secession, sezession, academy, correspondence school, crammer, dancing school, direct-grant school, driving school, finishing school, flying school, graduate school, grad school, language school, nursing school, school of nursing, religious school, riding school, secondary school, lyceum, lycee, Gymnasium, middle school, secretarial school, technical school, tech, training school, veterinary school, alma mater, public school, private school, dance school, night school, Sunday school, Sabbath school, grade school, grammar school, elementary school, primary school, home-school, sophisticate


    Part Meronyms: school system


    Derivational Morphology: shoal, schooltime, school day, schooling, schoolhouse, refinement, civilization, civilisation, polish, culture, cultivation, finish, education, training, breeding


    Language Translations:
    Afrikaans: departement and kollege and leer and skool   Albanian: shkollë  
    Basque: eskola   Belarusian: школа  
    Bosnian: fakultet and škola and školati   Breton: kevrenn and moudenn and skol and skol-veur and skoliata  
    Bulgarian: колеж and обучавам and пасаж and училище and факултет and школа   Catalan: escola  
    Croatian: škola   Danish: skole  
    Dutch: scholen and school   Esperanto: lernejo  
    Estonian: kool   Finnish: koulu and koulukunta and kouluttaa and yliopisto  
    French: école and banc and collège   Georgian: სკოლა  
    German: Schule and Universität and unterrichten   Greek: σχολείο  
    Hebrew: אוניברסיטה and אסכולה and בית ספר and להקה and ללמד   Hungarian: egyetem and iskola  
    Ido: skolo   Indonesian: fakultas and sekolah and universitas  
    Interlingua: banco and educar and schola   Irish: scoil  
    Italian: scuola and università   Japanese: 群れ and 大学 and 大学院 and 学校  
    Korean: 학교   Kurdish: dibistan  
    Latin: collegium and schola   Lithuanian: mokykla  
    Malay: fakulti and kolej and sekolah   Maltese: skola and università  
    Norwegian: fakultet and lære opp and skole and stim   Polish: szkoła  
    Portuguese: cardume and educar and escola   Romanian: şcoală  
    Russian: высшая школа and кафедра and косяк and учение and учить and школа   Slovak: škola  
    Slovene: učiti and šola   Spanish: cardumen and escuela and facultad and universidad  
    Swahili: shule   Swedish: fakultet and högskola and skola and stim  
    Tagalog: pamantasan and skwelahan   Telugu: పాఠశాల  
    Turkish: okul   Ukrainian: вища школа and зграя and навчати and факультет and школа  
    Vietnamese: trường   Welsh: ysgol  
    Yiddish: שולע  
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