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Ea is for ear.
Ec is for economize, economy and economical.
Ed is for editor, editor and editorial.
Ef is for effect and effective.
Eg is for ego.
Ei is for eighteenth, eighteen and eight.
Ej is for ejaculate.
El is for electronics, election and electronics.
Em is for emission and empirically.
En is for end, engaged and entrepreneur.
Ep is for epoch.
Eq is for equip and equal.
Er is for erase, erect and errand.
Es is for estimate, escort and estimate.
Et is for ethanol.
Eu is for europe.
Ev is for evening and evil.
Ex is for expert.
Ey is for eyes.
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Fulani is similar to Fula, Ful, Peul, Fulah, Fellata and Fulbe.