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Ab is for above all, ability and ability.
Ac is for acres, acknowledge and accuse.
Ad is for adequate to(p) and adsorb.
Ae is for aerator.
Af is for africa and african.
Ag is for agricultural and aggressive.
Ah is for ahead.
Ai is for air(a), airport and airport.
Al is for alarm, alchemical and alarm.
Am is for amazement.
An is for analytical cubism, anniversary and antagonist.
Ap is for application, applicable and apply.
Aq is for aqueous.
Ar is for arts and argon.
As is for ask for.
At is for at all.
Au is for automatic and authorize.
Av is for avocado.
Aw is for awaken, away(p) and awfully.
Ax is for axe.
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