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Ab is for absurd and absent.
Ac is for acreage and actually.
Ad is for administrative, additional and administrative.
Ae is for aerator, aesthetic and aerosol.
Af is for africa and affix.
Ag is for agent, agree and agree.
Ah is for ahead.
Ai is for airway and aid.
Al is for alive(p) and alarm.
Am is for american, ample and amusing.
An is for ant and anxiously.
Ap is for appeal board.
Aq is for aqueous solution.
Ar is for around and arts.
As is for as usual, asia and ascertain.
At is for at once and athlete.
Au is for autumn.
Av is for avert, available and available.
Aw is for awfully and aware(p).
Ax is for axe.
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