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Ab is for aboard.
Ac is for act as and accelerate.
Ad is for adjourn.
Ae is for aegean.
Af is for africa.
Ag is for aggressive.
Ah is for ahead.
Ai is for airport, airway and aim.
Al is for alone.
Am is for ambiguous.
An is for analyst.
Ap is for appear.
Aq is for aqueous.
Ar is for arms.
As is for assist, asleep(p) and ashamed(p).
At is for at least, at a time and at first.
Au is for aureomycin and automatically.
Av is for avoidance, avert and avoidance.
Aw is for awaken and awkward.
Ax is for axe.
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wispy is similar to dim, faint, shadowy, vague and wisplike.