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Ab is for about.
Ac is for acreage and accurate.
Ad is for advance, addition and add up.
Ae is for aeration and aeration.
Af is for affixed, affection and affix.
Ag is for agricultural and again.
Ah is for ahead.
Ai is for ailment, ailment and airy.
Al is for alaska and alter.
Am is for amazing, ambassador and ambassador.
An is for announcement.
Ap is for applicable, appoint and appreciable.
Aq is for aqueous.
Ar is for aristotle and arrangement.
As is for assessment and association.
At is for attitude and at length.
Au is for authorization, authority and aureomycin.
Av is for avoid and average.
Aw is for awkward, aware(p) and awfully.
Ax is for axis.
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