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A is for actually and ambiguity.
B is for bark, betray and bring in.
C is for chapter.
D is for defeat and deed.
E is for ear, earthquake and elevator.
F is for fig and finest.
G is for generalize and gray.
H is for half-breed.
I is for in charge and in short.
J is for job and jimdandy.
K is for keyboard, knife and kelvin.
L is for living, large number and lane.
M is for master.
N is for nice, native and negative.
O is for old(a).
P is for poison and particle.
Q is for quickly, quantity and qualification.
R is for relevant and repay.
S is for stained, self-sustaining and show off.
T is for thyroglobulin and therein.
U is for unspeakable.
V is for very much and voice.
W is for write down, wood and wonderful.
X is for x ray.
Y is for yank, yell and youngster.
Z is for zero.
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