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A is for acquisition, arm and astonished.
B is for barely.
C is for cut down.
D is for desolate, define and dash.
E is for exposed.
F is for fashion, fortify and flexibility.
G is for given(a), glorify and growing.
H is for hydrogen, hesitate and healthy.
I is for intercept.
J is for japan.
K is for kidney.
L is for latter(a).
M is for motion picture and make.
N is for net, negro and nearby.
O is for occupant.
P is for pervade and pass by.
Q is for questioning, quirt and quivering.
R is for reb and realistic.
S is for short-term.
T is for telephone and turn away.
U is for unavoidable and unreconstructed.
V is for vary, vitally and vocational school.
W is for width, waiter and whole.
X is for x ray.
Y is for yes, yankee and yield.
Z is for zinc.
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