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A is for automatically, altogether and arbitrary.
B is for blindly.
C is for choice, completely and chair.
D is for draw back and doggedly.
E is for engagement, election and eggs.
F is for find out, forsake and fighter.
G is for gun.
H is for high-pitched, hamper and hudson.
I is for insight, interesting and in for(p).
J is for jerky, january and jeep.
K is for kinetic theory and kelvin.
L is for levy.
M is for motor.
N is for nearby, neocortex and november.
O is for oxen and operation.
P is for physicist.
Q is for quarter.
R is for relax and rotate.
S is for sculpture and stubbornly.
T is for toy, torn and theology.
U is for underlie, unfold and up here.
V is for voter.
W is for warehouse.
X is for x ray.
Y is for yard, yellow and yesterday.
Z is for zero.
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