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A is for attend and as yet.
B is for believe in.
C is for coming(a) and concert.
D is for detective.
E is for environment.
F is for feminine.
G is for glove and grind.
H is for helium, hearing and hunter.
I is for in any event, imagery and in the midst.
J is for joule and journey.
K is for knowledge and kick.
L is for label, large and lift.
M is for mount.
N is for notify and nothing.
O is for one, obtain and old maid.
P is for plug, process and parking lot.
Q is for quantity.
R is for rumble.
S is for snow, symphony and strew.
T is for torn.
U is for underway, unity and ultrasonic.
V is for volatile, value and variable.
W is for week, works and whiskey.
X is for xylem.
Y is for yearn and yes.
Z is for zero.
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nozzle is similar to nose, beak, honker, hooter, snoot, snout, schnozzle and schnoz.